“Fellowship with Him.” –C.H.Spurgeon.

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“Fellowship with Him.” – 1 John 1:6.

💐 WHEN we were united by faith to Christ, we were brought into such complete fellowship with Him, that we were made one with Him, and His interests and ours became mutual and identical.

💐We have fellowship with Christ in His love. What He loves we love. He loves the saints – so do we. He loves sinners – so do we. He loves the poor perishing race of man, and pants to see earth’s deserts transformed into the garden of the Lord – so do we.

💐We have fellowship with Him in His desires. He desires the glory of God – we also labour for the same. He desires that the saints may be with Him where He is – we desire to be with Him there too. He desires to drive out sin – behold we fight under His…

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